About the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Society Facility - Sunshine Coast BC
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BC Sunshine Coast daycare facilities

About the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Facility

Our Daycare building is located on the campus of the Halfmoon Bay Elementary School,
nestled in Welcome Woods with access to a multitude of hiking trails right in our backyard.

The daycare is located at the corner of the Halfmoon Bay Elementary School property and within its fences sits a preschool-scaled adventure playground where climbing, jumping, cycling, sand and water play await. Within the building the adventure continues with carefully chosen toys and art equipment to prepare the children for the day they move beyond the fences, into the wider world of the school they see daily.


  • Multiple indoor play areas
  • Fully fenced natural Outdoor Play Area with play structures, ride-on-toys, helmets, covered gazebo, playhouse and garden tended by the children
  • Table and floor toys, play dough, water play and more
  • Music and storytelling
  • Group activities involving construction, nature, science, puzzles and logic
  • Fun and creative Arts and Crafts
  • Kitchen facilities for heating meals or for group cooking activities
  • We maintain a close connection to the school and are able to use facilities such as playgrounds, the gym and age appropriate equipment, and the library to enhance our program

Our Daycare building is located on the campus of the Halfmoon Bay Elementary School
BC Sunshine Coast non-profit organization
We are a registered non-profit organization and rely on our community for financial help to keep our program running and thriving. Donations allow our centre to be the best that it can be for all the children to facilitate and enrich their learning experiences.