About our Philosophy at the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre - high quality daycare on the Sunshine Coast, BC
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Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre - expert childcare professionals

About the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre Society

The Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre is a registered non-profit society
with licensed facilities providing quality childcare since 1989.

Through the initial donation of our building, several grants, and incredible amounts of volunteer effort, we began operation at Halfmoon Bay Community School in January of 1989. Our society is governed by a volunteer board of directors and staffed by fun-loving and expert early childhood educators.


At Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre, it is our belief that every child is a unique who develops at his or her own rate and who has individual needs that must be respected and met. We provide high quality care for children by offering a safe, creative, developmentally challenging, and nurturing environment, which will stimulate the physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth of each child.

We base our programming on the interests of the children and the teachers as we learn together, challenge our ideas and understanding about the world around us, stimulate our senses with natural and inventive materials, and encourage development of large and small muscles while keeping in mind that it is through play that children learn.

We believe in respect, inclusion, dignity and safety for all of the children, families and staff in our centre. We develop these beliefs through caring, meaningful relationships and open communication and support these beliefs with our policies.

high quality care for children on the BC Sunshine Coast
BC Sunshine Coast non-profit organization
We are a registered non-profit organization and rely on our community for financial help to keep our program running and thriving. Donations allow our centre to be the best that it can be for all the children to facilitate and enrich their learning experiences.