Fundrasing for the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre - non-profit society on the Sunshine Coast, BC
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Fundraising for noon-profit daycares

Fundraising for non-profit daycares – Why it’s important

Thanks to the added infusion of donated of time, wisdom and hard work from committed parents
and Sunshine Coast community members, we run a vibrant, loving, and successful childcare centre.

The Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre is a registered non-profit society. With minimal government funding or programs upcoming, costs to run the center will increase. We must find creative ways to continue to offer “Quality, affordable childcare in Halfmoon Bay.” The number of volunteer hours it takes to support this Society is growing. Can you find a way to contribute?

Donate Now: We rely on our community for financial help to keep our program running and thriving. As a registered charity, tax receipts can be issued for contributions. Funds donated to the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre will be used to ensure the continued high-quality care that we provide and the enrichment of our daily programming.


Claytons Heritage Market Receipts

Please save your Claytons receipts, and bring them to the daycare. They are returned to the store, where they are totaled and 10% is donated back to the Halfmoon Bay Child Care Society. If we pool together, this will be a big source of money for the society.


If you are no longer using play equipment or any items on our wishlist, consider donating them to the children to at the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre – they would appreciate it!

  • Gently used children’s clothes, boots, jackets for children ages 2-6
  • Run bikes, two wheelers and bike helmets
  • Soccer balls, Hoola hoops, Skipping ropes
  • Kid sized pools
  • Gardeners: the Centre always needs help tidying the outdoor space, weeding and planting in the Spring!

Fundraisers - non profit daycare, Sunshine Coast BC