Parent checklist - what your child needs to bring to daycare - Halfmoon Bay, BC
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Halfmoon Bay daycare - art and play activities both indoors and out

What Your Child Needs to Bring Daily

Each day is spent participating in a variety of art and play activities both indoors and out.
Children should wear washable, comfortable clothing appropriate for the weather.

When you arrive, you are required to sign your child in on the sign-in board. Please take this opportunity to let the teachers know anything that will help set your child up for a successful day. Please contact the centre if your child will be coming in late or will be absent. We ask parents to please send the following along with your child each day:


  • 2 changes of clothing including shirt, pants, underpants, socks and sweater.
  • Appropriate outdoor clothing, as we like to try to go outside rain or shine.
  • Slippers or indoor shoes
  • Disposable diapers (if necessary).
  • Earthquake package: A large ziplock bag with a change of clothes, a small
    comfort toy and fruit leather type of food that your child likes.
  • While children are toilet training, please be sure to send in three or four pairs of training pants (or pull-ups/diaper), pants/shorts and socks each day.
  • In the winter, please ensure that your child has a hat, mitts and warm outer
  • In summer, please send a sunhat, bathing suit, towel, sunscreen, and life jacket if they have one.

Daily checklist for daycare children, Halfmoon Bay BC


  • Annual $5.00 non-profit society fee
  • Registration fee (new students) $15 one child or $25 for multiple
  • 10 Post-dated cheques – Sept-June for your monthly amount. If you are unable to provide cheques, please e-transfer the full months fees no later than the 6th of each month to 
  • Fully completed registration forms and emergency card for each child, including a print out of immunization records
  •  Signed Parental agreement

We would like to ask that parents encourage their children not to bring toys from home. Staff have noticed that when children bring toys from home, they often will only share them with selected friends, which sets up disappointment for others. If a child does, however, have a very special cuddly toy, blanket, etc. that might ease with difficult transitions or that they need at naptime, the staff encourages the parents to send it along.

BC Sunshine Coast non-profit organization
We are a registered non-profit organization and rely on our community for financial help to keep our program running and thriving. Donations allow our centre to be the best that it can be for all the children to facilitate and enrich their learning experiences.