Valentines Week - Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre
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Valentines Week

What's New at the Halfmoon Bay Childcare Centre

Valentines Day at Halfmoon Bay Childcare Society

Valentines Week

Family Day & Valentine’s Day

Just a reminder that the centre will be closed for Family Day (stat holiday) Monday February 12th.

You are not obliged to bring in Valentine’s Day cards as we make them at the centre in various forms. Some families have asked about bringing in Valentine’s and it’s a wonderful opportunity to learn the other children’s names and hear more about your child’s friends. We encourage families that choose to bring them in to bring one for everyone so there aren’t hurt feelings.

We have lots of Valentine’s activities and all things red planned for the whole of next week so not to worry if your child isn’t in on the specific day. The children stay excited about it all week!